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Airborne 05.27.15: Did Boeing Over-Promise?, Anti-KSMO Chicanery, Jimmy Stewart
Wed, May 27,2015 04:22:05PM EST
Also: FAA Hiring Astray?, Comparison Shopping LSAs, Philippines Flying Limitations, Asteroid Redirect, Wings Of Mercy, Student Launch Challenge, Alaska Air In 2013, the State of Washington gave Boeing a package of tax breaks totaling $8.7 billion through 2040. In return, the state apparently ‘assumed’ that the planemaker would continue to create and provide jobs in the state. Boeing announcing last year that the company would assemble the 777X airplane in the Puget Sound region. In all, Boeing employs about 79,000 in the Puget Sound, which is about half its total workforce. A NIMBY group describing itself as a "Growing network including thousands of people from our local community,"has put up a website in an effort to get involved in "Shaping the future use of the Santa Monica Airport Land to better the lives of our entire community and future generations."You can bet that future doesn’t involve airplanes! A Cessna 310 that once belonged to actor Jimmy Stewart is being restored so it can be displayed at the actor’s hometown airport that bears his name. EAA Chapter 993 in Indiana, Pennsylvania, is performing the restoration at Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Airport. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

AeroSports Update: LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in Canceled
Wed, May 27,2015 03:44:51PM EST
Bad Weather Hammers Sulfur Springs Texas Airport And The Ladies Who Love Taildraggers Shut Down Their May 29-31 Fly-in Just in case you haven’t been watching the news, the Midwest southern states have been hammered by storms and inundated with rain. The good news is, the drought is over. The bad news for the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in is that their destination airport did not fare well in the bad weather.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.28.15)
Wed, May 27,2015 03:43:03PM EST
Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane Accidents This Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane Accidents library represents some of the most major accidents and their related lessons. The FAA, with support from many other organizations and individuals, plans to continue adding to this material on an annual basis.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.28.15): Nautical Mile
Wed, May 27,2015 03:42:25PM EST
A unit of distance used in aviation and marine navigation and marine forecasts.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.28.15)
Wed, May 27,2015 03:41:20PM EST
“As a pilot, your first job is to fly your own airplane. Part of that job is to scan for other airplanes.” Source: NTSB Chair Christopher Hart.

ANN FAQ: Feel The Propwash (Updated)
Wed, May 27,2015 03:40:46PM EST
New Form Makes Subscribing, Unsubscribing Even Easier While we're very proud of our newly-redesigned website, we know that some folks really enjoy the convenience of having their Aero-News dropped into their e-mail boxes every day. Our new site makes that process even easier than before.

Editorial Holds That Most Media Is Ignoring FAA Hiring Story
Wed, May 27,2015 03:40:13PM EST
Fox News Investigation Highlighted Practice That FAA Says Brings 'Diversity'To The Ranks Of Air Traffic Controllers The media watchdog group Accuracy in Media has posted an editorial on its website saying major media outlets are ignoring a report by Fox News that followed a six-month investigation into the FAA's new procedure for hiring air traffic controllers.

First Modernized AF-1B Jet Fighter Delivered To The Brazilian Navy
Wed, May 27,2015 03:37:21PM EST
Ceremony Held At Embraer Facility In São Paulo The first modernized AF-1 (AF-1B) fighter jet was delivered to the Brazilian Navy in a ceremony held Tuesday at Embraer's industrial plant in Gavião Peixoto, in outstate São Paulo.

NASA's CubeSat Initiative Aids In Testing Of Technology For Solar Sails
Wed, May 27,2015 03:36:26PM EST
Small Satellite Launched With X-37B Spacecraft Last Week With help from NASA, a small research satellite to test technology for in-space solar propulsion launched into space last week aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, as part of the agency's CubeSat Launch Initiative.

Space Florida Signs MOU With University Of West Florida
Wed, May 27,2015 03:35:01PM EST
Cybersecurity-Related Programs To Help Northwest Florida Recover From Impact Of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Space Florida, the state’s aerospace and spaceport development authority, has signed a three-year memorandum of understanding with the University of West Florida Center for Research and Economic Opportunity to further develop Florida’s cybersecurity technologies.

Boeing Returns Air Force E-4B Aircraft To Service
Wed, May 27,2015 03:34:03PM EST
Airborne Command Post Back To Operational Status Following Maintenance Boeing recently completed maintenance on a U.S. Air Force E-4B advanced airborne command post earlier than planned, enabling the Air Force to quickly return the vital aircraft to operational service.

Boeing 737-800 Aircraft In New Livery Joins Transaero Airlines Fleet
Wed, May 27,2015 03:32:51PM EST
New Airplane Part Of Carrier's Fleet Renewal Plan A new Boeing 737-800 aircraft has joined Transaero Airlines'fleet. The aircraft was delivered to the airline from the aircraft manufacturer in accordance with the operating leasing agreement concluded in 2013 with Sberbank Leasing.

NASA, NRC Of Canada Renew Agreement To Reduce Aviation Icing Risks
Wed, May 27,2015 03:31:55PM EST
Will Continue Research For An Additional Five Years NASA and the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada have renewed a partnership agreement to continue critical research in the area of aircraft engine icing. On hand to sign the renewal agreement Thursday at the NRC offices in Ottawa, Ontario, were Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator of NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in Washington, and Ian Potter, the NRC’s vice-president of engineering.

OpenSky Drones Obtains FAA Authorization For Commercial UAV Operations
Wed, May 27,2015 03:30:48PM EST
Will Immediately Start Full Operations In South Florida The FAA has authorized OpenSky Drones for commercial UAV services.

Pillsbury Launches New UAS Law Blog
Wed, May 27,2015 03:29:58PM EST
Drone Law Practice Site Features Timely Articles The Pillsbury law firm, which formed one of the first multidisciplinary teams focused on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in March 2014, today announced the launch of its new UAS law blog, featuring legal perspectives from Pillsbury's UAS focus team.

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