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Airborne 03.02.15: HeliExpo, UAL Pilot Warning, WWII Flyover, RAF Aids In WV
Mon, Mar 02,2015 07:35:23PM EST
Also: Blue Angels, Fuel Taxes, Twirly Birds, Bell 429WG, Delta Selects GoGo It’s common for airlines to issue numerous safety notice to flight crews, but United Airlines issued a notice that became a topic with the national media. The two-page memo reportedly did not provide specific flight information, but contained blunt language that said there was strong evidence of lapses in discipline, poor cockpit communication, and lack of coordination among flight crews. The flight path for the "Arsenal of Democracy"flight planned for May 8th in Washington, D.C. has been announced by the event's organizers. In recognition of the 70th anniversary Victory in Europe Day, the World War II Victory Capitol Flyover will include 15 historically sequenced warbird formations that travel across our nation’s capital. The Recreational Aviation Foundation has helped secure the right of recreational flyers to use airports located on land controlled by the U.S. Forest Service. Now, another success has been achieved in the state of West Virginia to help protect property owners with private airports used for recreational purposes. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

EASA Certifies Continental Motors’ CD-155 Engine For DA42 TDI
Mon, Mar 02,2015 06:23:11PM EST
Now Approved For European Installation, FAA Certification Pending EASA has certified Continental Motors Group CD-155 hp Jet-A diesel engine option for installation in the Diamond twin-engine DA42 TDI. FAA validation is pending.

Counting Down! ANN's Infamous April 1st Edition's Just Around The Corner!
Mon, Mar 02,2015 05:24:37PM EST
Get Your Wacky Ideas In NOW! ANN E-I-C Note: Folks... we gotta warn you... based on all the nonsense we've had to endure in 2014-2015 (which we are duty-bound to lampoon), this may be one of our best year's yet... and as always... NO ONE IS SAFE. We're going to have some fun with EVERYONE... the FAA, USA Today, Congress, TSA, EAA, AOPA, Sun 'n Fun, Dale Klapmeier, every UAV ever flown, every UAV-phobe in the known universe, every self-appointed aviation expert who can't spell aileron, the USAF, Cessna, Cirrus, NASA, you name it. If you want to be a part of the foolishness, get your ideas and submissions into us ASAP! Time is fast ticking down to a date the entire ANN staff looks forward to every year. See, each April 1st, we have a problem getting our stories straight... we make things up, we get silly, we exaggerate and lampoon. In other words, we act weirder than the loons who run the FAA, Congress, Cirrus, and/or the TSA... and in this group, that's really saying something. (At least we get group rates on appropriate professional care... which comes in handy more often than we care to admit -- Ed.)

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (03.03.15)
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:54:54PM EST
How Planes Work Need a great illustration of an airplane, clearly labeled, so you can explain -- again -- why planes stay up in the air? This is a good illustration; maybe they'll get it this time.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (03.03.15): Have Numbers
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:54:10PM EST
Used by pilots to inform ATC that they have received runway, wind, and altimeter information only.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (03.03.15)
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:53:27PM EST
"In total, NASA has spent, or plans to spend, over $8 billion on this initiative, which I believe represents a necessary investment if managed effectively. Source: House Space Subcommittee chair Steven Palazzo (R-MS).

ANN FAQ: View Aero-News YOUR Way... The 'Headlines Only'Option
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:52:41PM EST
Choose How YOU Want To View Your Aero News: 'Headlines Only'Mode We're all pretty excited about the new website design here at ANN, but we HAVE heard from some of you that you liked the way that content was displayed on the old site. We hear you, and before you chuck your bitgrinder out a 5th story window, you should know that there are several ways that you can view your Aero-Content.

MyGoFlight Goes Wireless For Heli-Expo
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:52:36PM EST
Will Introduce Connected Flight Concept And iPad Product Line At Orlando Show MyGoFlight, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, will debut their Connected Flight concept and product line for the cockpit of helicopters at HAI Heli-Expo 2015. They are also conducting two seminars called – iPad Takes Flight! Connected Flight Edition.

New AATD Piston Helicopter Sim By Elite Colorado Bound
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:50:13PM EST
Flight Simulator Approved For VFR And IFR Training The very first FAA approved Model TH22 piston helicopter by Elite Simulation Solutions was purchased by Colorado Heli-Ops, Broomfield, Colorado.

Air Force Places 18 A-10 Aircraft Into 'Backup Status'
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:49:06PM EST
Another 18 Could Face A Similar Fate Next Fiscal Year The Air Force, with congressional authorization, will convert 18 primary combat-coded A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft from active units and place them into Backup-Aircraft Inventory (BAI) status with the possibility to convert another 18 at a later date in fiscal year 2015.

Six Receive Master Instructor Designation In February
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:47:04PM EST
National Accreditation Recognized By The FAA Six instructors have received for the first time or renewed their Master Instructor designation in the month of February.

XCOR Exiting Mojave
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:45:31PM EST
New Home Will Be In Midland, TX As XCOR moves closer to flight testing for its Lynx spacecraft, the company has set a course southeast from Mojave, CA to Midland, TX.

Bell Helicopter Seals Deal For 15 Bell 407GXs
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:42:50PM EST
Aircraft To Be Delivered To The Mexican Air Force Beginning Later This Year The Mexican Air Force (FAM) has signed an agreement with Bell Helicopter for the purchase of 15 Bell 407GXs with deliveries to begin this year. The aircraft will be configured for a variety of parapublic missions.

Toll Group Signs For Eight AW139s
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:41:38PM EST
Aircraft Will Perform EMS Operations In New South Wales, Australia Australia’s Toll Group has entered into a purchase agreement for eight AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopters.

FAA Approves Enhanced 412EPI Capabilities
Mon, Mar 02,2015 04:40:35PM EST
Now Certified For Operation In New Category A The FAA has certified the Bell 412EPI for Category A (CAT A) operations. The new CAT A backup procedure provides a significant increase in payload, performance and operational versatility.

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