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Airborne 05.20.16: NATA: User Fee Folly, SpaceX Update, AMA Scholarships
Sun, May 22,2016 09:52:58PM EST
Also: Cropduster Tragedy, ANN/Airborne Team Update, FAA SAIB, Gulfstream G650ER, Drone Market Growth, Gripen E, American Airlines The FAA recently released a study of scheduled and non-scheduled air operators which was mandated by Congress as part of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. According to the report, there are 2,155 charter operators utilizing 10,655 aircraft. Seventy percent of charter fleet is helicopters and piston or turboprop airplanes. Charter aircraft serve more than 3,000 airports, and most charter establishments average 19 employees, have one or two aircraft and less than $2.5 million in annual revenues. It is often been said in scientific research that learning what does not work is a step to learning solutions. When SpaceX stuck the landing of its main booster on a platform in the Pacific Ocean following their most recent launch, it appears the booster was damaged to the point that it may not be reusable. SpaceX founder Elon Musk said on Twitter that the rocket suffered "max damage, due to a high entry velocity. [It] will be our life leader for ground tests to confirm others are good."The Academy of Model Aeronautics has been helping graduating seniors achieve their dreams since 1970, and is now celebrating its dream of reaching a total of $1 million in awarded scholarships. This year, the AMA has awarded $48,000 in scholarships to 10 high school graduates from across the nation, which has helped bring the total of AMA scholarships that have been given to college-bound aeromodelers to $1 million. All this -- and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

U.S. Navy To Deploy AeroVironment Blackwing Reconnaissance Systems
Sun, May 22,2016 06:35:42PM EST
Will Be Carried On Attack And Guided Missile Submarines The U.S. Navy has announced it will deploy small, tube-launched 'Blackwing'unmanned aircraft system that deploy from under the surface of the sea on manned submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles.

AeroSports Update: EAA AirVenture Begins…Sort Of
Sun, May 22,2016 06:16:22PM EST
The Gates Aren’t Open Yet, But The FAA AirVenture NOTAM Has Been Issued Meaning The Fuse Is Lit On Monday, May 16, AeroSports Update clued our readers in to our plans to publish a series of safety articles relating to the prevention of loss of control accidents that address the specific procedures for pilots flying into Wittman Regional Airport (OSH) during EAA-AirVenture. Today, we’ll give you an idea of how this is going to work.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.23.16)
Sun, May 22,2016 06:15:56PM EST
“It is a game-changing technology identified in the 2016 Defence White Paper and could revolutionise global air travel, providing cost-effective access to space.” Source: Australian Chief Defense Scientist Dr. Alex Zelinsky, after an experimental rocket launched at the Woomera Test Range in Australia as part of the joint research program, HIFiRE (Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation Program) this week reached an apogee of 91,000 feet (278 km) and achieved the targeted speed of Mach 7.5 (seven and a half times the speed of sound).

Klyde Morris (05.23.16)
Sun, May 22,2016 05:55:45PM EST
Klyde's Not Thrilled With General Media Crash Coverage, Either... FMI:

Solar Impulse Flies To Dayton, Closes In On NYC
Sun, May 22,2016 01:54:42PM EST
Tulsa Departure Continues Unique World Flight Updated 05.23.16, 0112ET: The Solar Impulse crew alerted ANN, early Saturday morning, to the next step in SI2's globe-circling endeavor. Solar Impulse 2 took off from Tulsa International Airport, Oklahoma, with André Borschberg at the controls, on 21 May at 4:22am local time (UTC-5). The aircraft landed at Dayton International Airport, Ohio, on 21 May at 9:56pm local time (UTC-4). The flight took 16 hours 34 minutes and 692 miles, recording an average speed of 41,76 mph and maximum altitude of 21000 feet. As soon as possible, weather permitting, Bertrand Piccard will pilot Si2 to the next stop-over and continue the crossing of the United States.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (05.22.16)
Sat, May 21,2016 05:14:35PM EST
“The NIAC program is one of the ways NASA engages the U.S. scientific and engineering communities, including agency civil servants, by challenging them to come up with some of the most visionary aerospace concepts. This year’s Phase II fellows have clearly met this challenge.” Source: Steve Jurczyk, associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate in Washington, as NASA selected eight technology proposals for investment that have the potential to transform future aerospace missions, introduce new capabilities, and significantly improve current approaches to building and operating aerospace systems.

Rockwell Collins Unveils ADS-B Driven Airspace Modernization Packages
Sat, May 21,2016 05:11:33PM EST
Upgrades For Pro Line 21-Equipped King Airs Rockwell Collins has unveiled three Pro Line 21 upgrade packages for King Air turboprops that give operators more flexibility in equipping their aircraft for next-generation airspace and procedures. The upgrades are FAA-certified and EASA-validated and available now through all Rockwell Collins-authorized dealers.

NASA To Demonstrate Sonic 'Thump'Compared To Standard Sonic Boom
Sat, May 21,2016 05:11:19PM EST
Event To Take Place May 31 At Armstrong Flight Research Center NASA is planning a comparative demonstration of the currently louder sonic boom to a quieter, more community-friendly sonic "thump", which NASA looks to achieve through an experimental aircraft for Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST).

U.S.-Australian Team Moves One Step Closer To Hypersonic Flight
Sat, May 21,2016 05:11:01PM EST
Rocket Successfully Flown At Woomera Test Range In Australia An experimental rocket launched at the Woomera Test Range in Australia as part of the joint research program, HIFiRE (Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation Program) this week reached an apogee of 91,000 feet (278 km) and achieved the targeted speed of Mach 7.5 (seven and a half times the speed of sound).

Third Eye Blind Highlights EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Opening Day Concert
Sat, May 21,2016 05:10:46PM EST
San Francisco-Based Band To Perform July 25 Third Eye Blind, the San Francisco-based band that has sold more than 12 million records with a string of Top 20 hits, will get EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 off to an energetic start when it headlines the fly-in’s popular opening night concert on Monday, July 25.

Quotation Memoir Honors Late Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
Sat, May 21,2016 05:10:24PM EST
'Reflections Of The Moon'Is An Astronaut's View On 'Life After Space'In the recently-released memoir "Reflections of the Moon: Retrospections on Earth, Mankind, and War", Tulsa-OK author Carol Mersch pays tribute to her long-time friend, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.23.16)
Sat, May 21,2016 05:10:01PM EST
Aero Linx: The National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education The National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education is a membership organization that was formed in 1993 when the founding member groups signed a formal charter and established a partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Together with the FAA, we actively promote aviation and space education while supporting schools’ initiatives at the local, state and national levels.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (05.22.16)
Sat, May 21,2016 05:08:11PM EST
Aero Linx: The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) seeks to enhance energy security and environmental sustainability for aviation through alternative jet fuels. CAAFI is a coalition that focuses the efforts of commercial aviation to engage the emerging alternative fuels industry. It enables its diverse participants - representing all the leading stakeholders in the field of aviation - to build relationships, share and collect data, identify resources, and direct research, development and deployment of alternative jet fuels.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (05.23.16): National Flight Data Center
Sat, May 21,2016 04:47:55PM EST
National Flight Data Center A facility in Washington D.C., established by FAA to operate a central aeronautical information service for the collection, validation, and dissemination of aeronautical data in support of the activities of government, industry, and the aviation community. The information is published in the National Flight Data Digest.

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