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Airborne 12.15.14: A380 Future, More USA Today Disappointments, Jetman FORMATION
Wed, Dec 17,2014 12:07:21AM EST
Also: Comet Water Differences, Garmin Datalink, Bogert Battery Boxes, WSI/iOs, Mistletoe Copter Fail Airbus hasn't seen a single airline order for its double-decker A380 superjumbo airliner this year, and that has the planemaker considering whether to continue to build the airplane. It’s reported that Airbus expects that it will break even on the A380 through 2017, but then the company will have to decide whether to re-engine the airplane or discontinue it entirely. Some things just leave you scratching your head. Such is the case with the recognition of USA Today by the National Press Foundation for their sensationalist articles on general aviation accidents written by Thomas Frank -- and yes, we find this most disappointing. The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has found the water vapor from comet 67P to be significantly different from that found on Earth. The discovery fuels the debate on the origin of our planet’s oceans. All this... and MORE in today's episode of Airborne!!!

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (12.17.14)
Tue, Dec 16,2014 08:09:54PM EST
“There is no sport equal to that which aviators enjoy while being carried through the air on great white wings.” Source: Wilbur Wright.

Classic Aero-TV: Going Global At WAI 2011 - Growing Aviation In Nigeria (Part 2)
Tue, Dec 16,2014 08:09:36PM EST
Inspirational People Encountered At WAI2011 While at the Women In Aviation Conference 2011, ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, had the unique opportunity to sit down and talk with Elizabeth Evelyn Idoko Agom, the Director of Finance and Administration for the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency. When Campbell asked her what she hoped to take away from this convention, she replied that she was here to learn. Agom said she attended the convention last year and learned a lot, and hopes to learn more this year. Her long-term plan is to urge her home country administration to promote aviation education for younger people and to include women in this conversation.

AD: Dassault Aviation Airplanes
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:24:29PM EST
AD NUMBER: AD 2014-25-08 PRODUCT: Certain Dassault Aviation Model FALCON 2000 and FALCON 2000EX airplanes.

AD: Pilatus Aircraft Limited Airplanes
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:22:23PM EST
AD NUMBER: 2014-25-04 PRODUCT: Pilatus Aircraft Limited Models PC-6, PC-6-H1, PC-6-H2, PC-6/350, PC-6/350-H1, PC-6/350-H2, PC-6/A, PC-6/A-H1, PC-6/A-H2, PC-6/B-H2, PC-6/B1-H2, PC-6/B2-H2, PC-6/B2-H4, PC-6/C-H2, and PC-6/C1-H2 airplanes.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (12.17.14)
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:21:05PM EST
Wright Brothers Memorial Maintained by the National Park Service on North Carolina's Outer Banks, the Wright Brothers National Memorial commemorates two ingenious brothers from Dayton, OH who, in 1900, choose the sparsely populated area known as the Outer Banks to conduct a series of experiments that three years later resulted in the world’s first heavier than air, powered controlled flight.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (12.17.14): Heading indicator
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:20:11PM EST
An instrument which senses airplane movement and displays heading based on a 360 azimuth, with the final zero omitted.

ANN FAQ: It's Alive! ANN REALTIME NewsBug Headlines for YOUR Desktop!
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:18:37PM EST
It's For Real! ANN REALTIME NewsBug Released To ANN Readers, Worldwide For those of you using a windows PC (MAC version in the works... we promise), a new REALTIME News Service from the Aviation World’s DAILY News Service, the Aero-News Network (ANN), will let you know when our REALTIME, award-winning NewsFeed has been updated.

FedEx Pilots Spread Holiday Cheer To Special Needs Children And Families
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:18:22PM EST
Will Deliver Food Baskets And Gives To Hope House In Memphis In the spirit of giving this holiday season, FedEx pilots once again delivered food baskets and gifts to Hope House, a Memphis day-care center devoted to children who have been affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. The pilots made their visit to both Hope House and FedEx Family House on Tuesday, December 16.

Alaska Aerospace Selects LMC Athena IIS Rocket For Future Missions
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:17:00PM EST
Will Boost Small- And Medium-Lift Payloads From Kodiak Launch Complex Alaska Aerospace Corporation (AAC) has selected Lockheed Martin's Athena rocket as its launch vehicle of choice for small and medium lift missions from the Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC). Lockheed Martin and AAC will work together to define and implement rocket and launch pad upgrades to support a wider range of government and commercial payloads on an Athena vehicle launched from KLC.

C-40A Clipper Delivered To US Naval Reserve
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:15:10PM EST
Airplane A Variant Of The 737-700 Airliner Tactical Airlift Program Office (PMA-207) and industry partner, Boeing delivered a C-40A Clipper to the U.S. Naval Reserve Nov. 21, one month ahead of schedule.

Boeing Selects GE Aviation For 777X Common Core Avionics Systems
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:14:05PM EST
Will Also Provide Enhanced Airborne Flight Recorder For The Aircraft GE Aviation has been selected by The Boeing Company to provide the Common Core System (CCS) and the Enhanced Airborne Flight Recorder (EAFR) for the Boeing 777X aircraft.

Help Wanted Sign Out At BRS Aerospace
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:13:05PM EST
Company Seeks Industrial Engineer If you have industrial engineering experience and are looking for a new situation, BRS Aerospace has an opportunity for you.

Fifth SpaceX Mission Lets The CATS Out On ISS
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:10:46PM EST
New Research In Multiple Disciplines To Fly To The Station Not like cats that you might pet in your lap at night, International Space Station CATS study the atmosphere’s plight. CATS and new research including flatworms, wearable technology, an external radiation monitor and tools to use the station as a microbial observatory will head to the orbiting outpost on the fifth SpaceX mission. Additionally, SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft will deliver equipment for human research, physical science and educational activities to the station.

Rolls-Royce Selected To Power 65 AirAsia X Aircraft
Tue, Dec 16,2014 04:07:16PM EST
Largest Order For Trent 7000 Engines Since Its Introduction Rolls-Royce has been selected by AirAsia X to power 10 Airbus A330ceo and 55 Airbus A330neo aircraft with engines and long-term TotalCare support worth $6.2 billion.

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