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AeroSports Update: Rob Holland Wins The Gold
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:28:15PM EST
It Was A Big Day For The U.S. National Aerobatic Team As Rob Holland Takes The Gold In The Four Minute Free Program On August 29 It’s been reported on the International Aerobatic Club (IAC) website that United States National Aerobatic Champion and U.S. Team pilot, Rob Holland, won the Gold in the "Final Freestyle"at the World Championships.

ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (09.02.15)
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:25:46PM EST
FAA NAS Systems Engineering Portal (SEP) This site renames the NAS Enterprise Architecture Portal and acknowledges a more robust systems engineering and planning perspective along with the NAS Enterprise Architecture.

ANN's Daily Aero-Term (09.02.15): Landing Gear Extend Speed
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:24:41PM EST
The maximum speed an aircraft can be safely flown while the landing gear is extended.

Aero-News: Quote Of The Day (09.02.15)
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:23:49PM EST
"Business Aviation’s global CO2 emissions are very small, being approximately 2 percent of all aviation and .04 percent of global man-made carbon emissions."Source: Excerpt from comments provided by NBAA on an EPA ANPRM concerning aircraft carbon emissions.

Passengers Brawl On JetBlue Flight
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:22:47PM EST
Razor, Pepper Spray Used In Conflict Between Two Women On Board Two women on board a JetBlue flight from Kingston, Jamaica to JFK airport in New York got into a brawl as the flight arrived at the gate, resulting in two arrests.

New Mission Launch Command Center To Be Built At Wallops Flight Facility
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:21:04PM EST
NASA Awards Contract For Construction Of The 14-Thousand Square Foot Mission Launch Command Center NASA has awarded a contract to Harkins Contracting Inc. of Salisbury, Maryland, for the construction of a new Mission Launch Command Center (MLCC) at the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia.

Denver Aviation Charter School Welcomes First Students
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:19:58PM EST
Wings Aerospace Academy Created By The Wings Over The Rockies Air And Space Museum Wings Aerospace Academy, a charter school with a focus on aviation, welcomed its first students for orientation August 13 with classes starting August 25.

FAA To Rise To The Cloud
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:18:37PM EST
Program To Be Implemented Over The Next Year The FAA will soon be benefitting from advanced computing solutions through a partnership with leading companies in the Cloud industry. After a careful process, the agency has announced that CSC Government Solutions will lead an overall integration effort that will also include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other leading Cloud providers.

Beechcraft, Honeywell Sued For Baron Accident
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:17:40PM EST
Estates Of The Pilot And Passenger Seek Unspecified Damages The estates of two people on board a Beech Baron 58 that went down October 12, 2014 in Palos Heights, IL have sued Beechcraft and Honeywell in connection with the accident. Lloyd Hetrick was also named as a defendant in the suit.

World Trade Center BASE Jumper Sentenced To Community Service
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:12:28PM EST
But Judge Says Marko Markovich Showed ‘Contempt’ For The Legal Process A judge in Manhattan has sentenced 28-year-old Marko Markovich to 300 hours of community service for BASE jumping from One World Trade Center, which was still under construction at the time of the stunt.

UK-Singapore Collaboration Prepares For Record UAV Flight
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:09:48PM EST
Will Attempt 300 Kilometer Flight With Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft A new civilian fuel cell UAV designed for search and rescue is gearing up for the world’s first ever 300 km UAV flight to cross the North Sea, linking Scotland to Norway.

NZ UAV Operator Fined $3,000 For A ‘Favor’
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:07:46PM EST
Had Captured Video Of New Zealand’s Anzac Day Celebration At The Request Of The City Council UAV operator Robert Edwards got caught up in a regulatory change that resulted in $3,000 in fines levied by the New Zealand government for flying his aircraft over the Anzac Day centenary commemoration in Palmerston North in New Zealand.

Airplane ‘Impounded’ In U.K. Allowed To Fly Out Of Closed Airport
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:05:46PM EST
Pilot Had Landed As Weather Deteriorated Three Weeks Ago Pilot Martin Field did what any safe pilot would do in such a situation. He was flying from Cornwall to Kent in the U.K. in his vintage Jodel airplane when the weather soured. He looked for a place to land safely, and his best choice was a closed airport at Plymouth on the south coast of Devon, England. He landed safely.

FAA Will Investigate Ultralight Accident In Louisiana
Tue, Sep 01,2015 04:00:21PM EST
Pilot’s Second Incident Since June Prompts Agency To Get Involved The FAA is looking at an accident involving an ultralight aircraft that went down Sunday night in St. Amant, Louisiana. Normally, the FAA wouldn’t be involved in an accident involving an unregistered aircraft … but it is the second time the pilot has wrecked his aircraft in just under three months.

Aerobatic Pilot Fatally Injured While Performing At Austrian Air Show
Tue, Sep 01,2015 03:58:28PM EST
Video Shows Pitts S-2B Failed To Recover From A Maneuver Another air show pilot has been fatally injured. While performing at the Friesach-Hirt air show in Carinthia, Austria Sunday, a pilot flying a Pitts S-2B did not recover from a maneuver and impacted terrain.

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