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  TL-elektronic [Hits: 3556][Added on: 09/09/10]
TL elektronic offers both deliverable goods as well as design and development expertise for all levels of aeronautics from LSA and General Aviation to Defence, UAVs and Aerospace. Communication, flight instruments, EFIS, EMS, autopilots, etc.
(Languages: English)(Country: Czech Republic)
  Turbine Legend Aircraft, Inc. [Hits: 3554][Added on: 03/28/04]
The turbine Legend design was born of a desire for prop-fighter performance in addition to exceptional utility. This homebuilt, experimental aircraft is a unique blend of breathtaking performance, advanced composite technology, aerodynamic excellence and pilot comfort.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, LA)
  Turbine Toucan [Hits: 3554][Added on: 04/05/07]
Being the only propeller driven aircraft with a better-than-one-to-one power- to-weight ratio, the Turbine Toucan was designed to do what no other aircraft in the world can, 3D aerobatics. And what is even more impressive, it will be the only fixed wing GA aircraft in the world that can hover.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, CA)
  Turbomeca [Hits: 3555][Added on: 01/05/04]
Turbomeca is today's leading manufacturer of low- to medium-power gas turbine for helicopters. The company also produces turbojet engines for aircraft and missiles, as well as turbines for land, industrial and marine applications.
(Languages: English,French)(Country: France)
  Van\'s Aircraft [Hits: 3554][Added on: 08/11/06]
In the early days, Van coined the term "Total Performance’ to describe his design goals. In thirty years, we haven’t come up with a better description. While the RVs are excellent cross-country airplanes, they are not simply "go-fast" machines. They have outstanding low speed characteristics and short-field capabilities; a rare combination. Most are capable of delightful sport aerobatics.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, OR)
  verdant antenna [Hits: 3557][Added on: 11/03/09]
We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading designer and manufacture of Airborne Antenna & Radomes covering a range of applications. Based in cochin, some of our prestigious customers include ISRO ,DRDO,VSSC,HAL Helicopter
(Languages: English)(Country: India)
  Viking Air [Hits: 3554][Added on: 03/18/08]
Viking is a first tier original equipment manufactuer (OEM) specializing in de Havilland aircraft products. Viking is the type certificate holder for the DHC-2 Beaver,DHC-2T Turbo Beaver, DHC-3 Otter, DHC-6 Twin Otter, DHC-4 Caribou, DHC-5 Buffalo and DHC-7 Dash 7 aircraft.
(Languages: English)(Country: Canada, BC)
  Vol Mediterrani [Hits: 3554][Added on: 09/10/05]
Manufacturer of the Vm-1 Esqual high performance ultralight.
(Languages: English,Spanish)(Country: Spain)
  Voyager [Hits: 3555][Added on: 09/09/10]
Italian manufacturer of the Voyager VR203 ultralight aircraft.
(Languages: English,Others)(Country: Italy)
  Vulcanair [Hits: 3554][Added on: 04/03/04]
Vulcanair was founded in 1996. In 1998 Vulcanair purchased all the assets, type design, trademarks and rights of the bankrupt Partenavia. Vulcanair has taken over the heritage of the fine Italian aircraft design and manufacturing of General Aviation aircraft.
(Languages: English)(Country: Italy)
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