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  Bombardier-ROTAX GmbH [Hits: 4339][Added on: 01/11/04]
Bombardier-ROTAX engines power a large variety of vehicles and equipment, and to date more than four million have been sold around the world.
(Languages: English,French,German)(Country: Austria)
  Innodyn, Inc. [Hits: 4349][Added on: 09/18/04]
The Turbine Revolution has arrived for the single-engine experimental aircraft pilot ! The Innodyn Turbine combines the reliability of a turbine, the ease of computer-controlled operation and the efficiency of Innodyn’s patented fuel-control technology.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, PA)
  Lycoming [Hits: 4362][Added on: 01/06/04]
More than half of the general aviation fleet is powered by Lycoming.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States)
  Pratt & Whitney [Hits: 4364][Added on: 01/05/04]
Today, Pratt & Whitney engines power nearly half of the world's commercial fleet. Every few seconds – more than 20,000 times a day – a Pratt & Whitney-powered airliner takes flight somewhere in the world.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States)
  PT6 engine maintenance and repair [Hits: 4363][Added on: 10/31/11]
P&WC has developed specialized programs and offers to help maintain the reliability of your PT6A engine in a highly cost-effective manner. With our PT6 Maintenance Promotions you can not only maintain your engine with certified P&WC parts and components that increase engine durability and life span.
(Languages: English,French)(Country: Canada, QC)
  Rolls-Royce [Hits: 4368][Added on: 01/05/04]
Established as the world's number two engine maker. The most comprehensive range of civil engines, powering entry level business jets to the latest widebodied airliners.
(Languages: English)(Country: United Kingdom)
  SMA Engines [Hits: 4356][Added on: 01/11/04]
'Société de Motorisations Aéronautiques' is specialized in the development, production and commercialization of piston engines which operate on Jet fuel. SMA makes modern, twenty first century, power plant systems for the worldwide General Aviation market.
(Languages: English,French)(Country: France)
  Snecma [Hits: 4350][Added on: 01/06/04]
Working alone or in international partnerships, Snecma is among the European or world leaders in aircraft and rocket propulsion.
(Languages: English,French)(Country: France)
  Teledyne Continental Motors [Hits: 4347][Added on: 01/06/04]
Teledyne Continental Motors is a leading supplier of power plants for manned and unmanned aircraft, including new and rebuilt piston engines and parts for general aviation aircraft.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States)
  Thielert Group [Hits: 4341][Added on: 01/15/04]
The Thielert group from Germany has been developing and manufacturing components for high-performance engines as well as hard- and software for digital motor-controls for more than twelve years. Our jet fuel/diesel engines reduce direct flight costs by up to 70%, compared to today´s standards.
(Languages: English,German)(Country: Germany)
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