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  PRO FLIGHT SIMULATOR [Hits: 2368][Added on: 10/31/11]
If you love aviation this is a must buy. Pro Flight is without a doubt, the most realistic, computer generated flight simulator on the market today. It's that good. For a demonstration copy or just type this link.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, TX)
  SimMiles Virtual Airline Competition and Simulation Network [Hits: 2375][Added on: 04/19/09]
SimMiles is an organization for Virtual Airlines on the VATSIM and Virtual Skies Flight Simulation Networks that essentially creates an airline simulation, online flying, and virtual airline PIREP system all rolled into one.
(Languages: English)(Country: Canada, ON)
  Singapore Virtual Airlines for Flight Simulation [Hits: 2374][Added on: 04/19/09]
The Singapore Virtual Airlines is a Virtual Airline for Microsoft Flight Simulator that recreates Singapore's scheduled passenger services from Singapore, Singapore to major destinations around the world. We are a flight simulator based virtual airline for online flight simulation.
(Languages: English)(Country: Singapore)
  United Virtual Airlines [Hits: 2364][Added on: 09/03/09]
United Virtual uses VAFS4 as it's pirep system. We offer an easy ranking system while maintaining professionalism and realism.
(Languages: English)(Country: United States, OH)
  wizzsim-simulations [Hits: 2376][Added on: 02/12/09]
wizzsim is a well established flight sim download website with thousands of downloads, latest news, forums, store, gallery, links, top 100, everyone is welcome to join. registration is free but not essential
(Languages: English)(Country: United Kingdom)
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