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  Experimental Aircraft Information [Hits: 4340][Added on: 09/05/10]
We have combined our passion for aviation with knowledge about building and flying homebuilt, experimental aircraft on this site. You will find information concerning aircraft and engine performance, proficient airmanship, VFR flight planning tips and other aspects pilots need to be aware of.
(Languages: English)(Country: Netherlands)
  PFD on your mobile phone ? [Hits: 4328][Added on: 11/29/08]
This blog entry describes software that turns your Apple iPhone into a PFD (Primary Flight Display).
(Languages: English)
  Redback Aviation - Homebuilt Helicopter [Hits: 4399][Added on: 10/30/07]
Homebuilt helicopter manuals, plans and videos. Information on build your own personal ultralight helicopters.
(Languages: English)(Country: Australia, VI)
  RJ.03 IBIS "The French Canard" [Hits: 4352][Added on: 11/03/05]
Project::IBIS documents my first shot at building an homebuilt aircraft in scale 1:1. The aircraft I decided to build is an RJ.03 IBIS ('The French canard'), hence the name of this documentation project.
(Languages: English)(Country: Germany)
  The Martin Jet Pack [Hits: 4386][Added on: 09/20/08]
The World’s First Practical Jetpack! We are in the business of developing and selling the most advanced and innovative aircraft that man has ever dreamed about.
(Languages: English)(Country: New Zealand)
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